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The inquiry into St Augustine’s Hospital: a postcript

In a previous post I wrote about the 1976 inquiry into St Augustine’s Hospital, Chartham, Kent. Three years after the publication of the report of the committee of inquiry the chairman of the committee, J. Hampden Inskip, together with psychiatrist … Continue reading

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ECT and consent in East Kent

The British Journal of Medicine recently published a case report of a woman who, over a period of 60 years, had been given an estimated 400 electroconvulsive treatments (Electroconvulsive therapy: a life course approach for recurrent depressive disorder by Sarah … Continue reading

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More about Dr Woodland and ECT

In a previous post I mentioned a British GP (general practitioner) who had given his patients more than 10,000 electroconvulsive treatments over a twenty year period. Which twenty years? Richard Woodland’s use of ECT came to prominence in 1984, when … Continue reading

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Lake Alice and the Ectron machine

While I was looking for information about the use of ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) in New Zealand I was reminded of Lake Alice and the legal case of former child patients. Lake Alice was a psychiatric hospital (closed in 1999) in … Continue reading

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ECT at Stobhill Hospital

Last week I posted something about how Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, had been in the headlines for having given a woman bilateral electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) when she had been prescribed, and consented to, unilateral. It is not the first … Continue reading

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Was William Sargant an evil CIA doctor? (part 2)

In my last post I commented on the fact that British psychiatrist William Sargant seems to have acquired a reputation as a CIA psychiatrist although there is – to date – no evidence to support the claim that he worked … Continue reading

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William Sargant, deep sleep treatment and ECT

BBC4 is currently showing a 3-part series called The Brain: a secret history. This is what the BBC says about it: “Michael Mosley embarks on three journeys to understand science’s last great frontier – the human mind – as he … Continue reading

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