ECT in Texas 2019/20

Texas Health and Human Services have recently published (April 2021) their annual statistics on the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

“ECT providers submitted 2,645 ECT reports and administered 16,895 treatments to patients across all four quarters of fiscal year 2020.” (Since individual patients may receive ECT in more than one quarter, the number of people receiving ECT in Texas in 2020 will be slightly less than 2,645.)

The previous year there were 2,994 ECT reports and 18,662 treatments and in the fiscal year 2018 there were 2,815 ECT reports almost 18,000 treatments.

With a population of about 29 million, Texas uses ECT at only a slightly higher rate than England, Wales and Ireland. There are however striking differences between ECT use in Texas and England, Wales and Ireland. In Texas 46 per cent of patients are under the age of 45; in England, Wales and Ireland 55 per cent of patients are over the age of 65. In Texas fewer than 2 per cent of patients are involuntary; in England, Wales and Ireland more than 50 per cent are detained.

The figures for England, Wales and Ireland come from the recent ECTAS survey, which includes hospitals in Ireland but not Scotland, so does not cover the United Kingdom.

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1 Response to ECT in Texas 2019/20

  1. Welton says:

    In Texas, supposedly, for ECT treatments, the law specifies that a person consenting to the treatment must sign a consent form for every single treatment. My friend who killed herself in 1994 because she didn’t want any more treatments was coerced by her doctor into signing the form every time. I’m not sure if that is still the law, and I don’t know about the small percentage of people subjected to ECT without consent. I imagine that these people’s “caregivers” sign the forms for them. Of course, the law might have changed since 1993-4.

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