ECT in Texas 2013-14

The Texas Department of State Health Services publishes annual statistics on the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The statistics for the year September 2013 – August 2014 appear on their website.

Hospitals in Texas submit quarterly reports on the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). People may be treated in more than one quarter, so the number of people undergoing ECT is slightly lower than the number of reports. In 2013-14 there were 2,466 reports, up about 10 per cent from 2,243 the previous year. There was a smaller rise in the total number of treatments, 15,284 up from 14,176 (about 7 per cent), although maintenance treatments increased from 3,841 to 4,605 (about 20 per cent).

ECT patients in Texas continue to get younger – a trend that has been evident for several years. Almost all the increase in ECT use from the previous year was accounted for by patients under the age of 45, although no 16-17 year olds were given ECT in 2013-14. Nearly 70 per cent of patients are women.

Altogether 21 hospitals in Texas used ECT in 2013-14, although one of them, Texoma Medical Center, had only 1 patient. By far and away the highest user of ECT in 2013-14 was Cypress Creek Hospital (484 reports up from 314 last year). Cypress Creek Hospital now accounts for nearly 20 per cent of the ECT used in Texas, and more than 25 per cent of all the maintenance treatment given in Texas. They also account for more than 25 per cent of all ECT given to 18-24 year olds in Texas. Other high users of ECT were Texas West Oaks Hospital (313 reports up from 281 last year), Laurel Ridge Hospital (273 reports up from 260 last year) Zale Lipshy University Hospital (269 reports down from 280 last year), Seton Shoal Creek Hospital (259 reports up from 248 last year), and Green Oaks Hospital (217 reports down from 242 last year). These six facilities accounted for nearly 75 per cent of the ECT given in Texas, just as they did last year.

There were six deaths within two weeks of treatment. Two were reported by Zale Lipshy University Hospital; the other four by Cypress Creek Hospital, Scott and White Memorial Hospital, Seton Shoal Creek Hospital and Texas West Oaks Hospital. Four of the deaths were suicide.

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One Response to ECT in Texas 2013-14

  1. Melinda says:

    Makes one wonder about the deaths by suicide after ECT. I almost killed myself decades ago after ECT, specifically because I thought they would never stop shocking me (maintenance treatments — I was a teenager). I didn’t make the attempt, but I almost did and the reason was that it was the only way I could see to get them to stop shocking me. A good friend of mine killed herself in the mid 1990s specifically because she did not want to be subjected to anymore shock treatments.

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