ECT in Canada: CANECTS survey

The Canadian ECT Survey or CANECTS is “an independent committee composed of clinical professionals from across Canada”, which for the past few years has been conducting a survey of ECT use across Canada. The committee consists of ten men and one woman.
Last month a symposium discussed the results of the survey:

“Many of the CANECTS results discussed at the meeting were initially reported at last year’s Canadian Psychiatric Association annual meeting. The findings from the 61% of centres responding showed that, overall, an estimated 75,000 ECT treatments are delivered annually. While an estimated 90% of the Canadian population lives within two hours of a facility offering ECT, 5% live more than five hours away. No centre offering ECT exists in the Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut….
This year’s symposium also focused on lack of training available for psychiatry residents in proper ECT techniques, with 60% of centres that responded offering no program.”

An estimated 75,000 treatments annually represents a relatively high use of ECT, much higher than in Scotland and Texas, for example, but not as high as Victoria, Australia.

Focus magazine has just published an article by Rob Wipond about a Victoria (British Columbia) woman who narrowly escaped having ECT against her wishes.

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