ECT without consent in Scotland 2011-12

Last month the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland produced their annual report for 2011-12 on key findings from their monitoring of the Mental Health Act. This means they lapped the Health Inspectorate Wales, who produced their report for the previous year (2010-11) one day later.

According to the report there were 203 instances in Scotland last year (April 2011-March 2012) when ECT was authorised for non-consenting patients under the Mental Health Act. In 129 instances the patient was described as objecting to or resisting treating. Presumably they were all deemed to lack capacity. There was one instance of an advance statement override involving ECT.
No further information about the people undergoing ECT without consent regarding their sex or age or the area where they were being treated was given. The figure of 203 is an increase from 177 for the previous year.

The Mental Welfare Commission’s annual report on monitoring the Adults with Incapacity Act identified a further 25 instances when ECT was authorised under the Adults with Incapacity Act – again up from the previous year.

There was also one instance where deep brain stimulation was authorised for a consenting patient, and 3 where psychosurgery was authorised for consenting patients.

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  1. tim elliott says:

    Hi Marianna,
    My name is Tim Elliott, and I am a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald. I am doing a big story about ECT for Good Weekend magazine and would love to talk to you about your experience. You can contact me on (02) 9282 1926 or 0419 360 651.

  2. tim elliott says:

    sorry, my bomile numebr is 0419 370 651. cheers, tim elliott

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