Ectron Ltd: they have seen the future and it’s not ECT

Or, at least, it is not just ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). After decades of concentrating on one product – ECT machines – Ectron Ltd of Letchworth has branched out and is now the UK distributor for a variety of medical devices. In fact, they feature as a case study on the Enterprise East of England website.

“Danish medical devices firm Magventure was keen to partner with a UK distributor to promote its magnetic stimulation equipment. By coincidence, Letchworth based Ectron wanted to complement its existing medical product range with innovative new devices. Enterprise Europe’s Technology Partnering Service brought them together.

Ectron is one of the leading UK manufacturers of electroconvulsive therapy devices, more commonly known by their acronym ECT, and Magventure’s magnetic stimulation devices are for use in many of the same markets… Magventure selected Ectron as its ideal partner”.

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